Monday, May 7, 2012

Lek Ban Thaï Relaxation

One of the things I absolutely adore about France are Thaï massages. I am accustomed to a good strong massage that really digs in deep to release and relax the muscles and, unfortunately, traditional French massages just don't fit the bill. Just as the French don't like spicy food, they don't like strong massages; their version is a feather-like brushing of the fingers along the body, point final, leaving the recipient more frustrated than anything else!

Needless to say, I was thrilled to discover Thaï massage, and more specifically to discover Lek Ban Thaï Relaxation.

  Located in Saint Genis Laval, a mere 10 minutes from downtown Lyon, Lek Ban Thaï Relaxation is a little slice of paradise where, for an hour and a half, you part en voyage, leaving France behind for exotic Thailand. 

Greeted by the charming and warm Lek herself, one is immediately enveloped by smooth odors of exotic flowers and spices, and a hand-constructed decor of materials imported directly from Thailand. Nous sommes directement plonger dans l'ambiance!


First off, Lek baths your feet in warm water, salts and perfumes.

Slipping your feet into Thai sandals, you are directed into the changing room where you don a loose Thai shirt and trousers for traditional Thai massage...

... or a Thai pareo for the more relaxing oil massage.

Ahh, la vie est belle!

Best of all, you can make an appointment for two and go with your other half -- a relaxing afternoon à deux

So next time you feel the stress growing, take a break and have a Thai massage. I more than highly recommend it!

30 Bis Avenue des Belges
69230 Saint Genis Laval
06 66 22 25 27

Gros bisous de massage Thaï et à bientôt!

Love, Charley


  1. I wish! Could use some help relaxing at the moment ;)
    Looks like a beautiful place - enjoy!

  2. Thanks Susanne! See if you can find a place near you. ;_)

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