Sunday, March 25, 2012

An eclectic Sunday mix of French music!

1978  Charles Trenet - Le Soleil a rende-vous avec la lune 1939

1978 French funk: Aimer d'Amour - Boule Noire (The Quebecois Stevie Wonder)

And...the best, Chagrin d'amour - Chacun fait (c'qui lui plait)!!! I remember this one from my first visit to France in 1982. Dans les boites avec un gin fizz....

Le plastique c'est fantastique!

A random quirky little tune that will surely put a smile on your Sunday face!! Don't forget to sing along, Am Stram Gram, ha!

And the belle, the magnifique, Dalida singing, "C'est fini la comédie": a hauntingly beautiful melody.

Joyeux dimanche musicale!!



  1. Bonjour Charley. Long time no talk to. How are you? This was a lot of fun to watch for me. I grew up in France listening to a lot of these songs! Come and visit me tomorrow. I will be writing about a favorite young French singer of mine! A bientot, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. @ A French Family Cooking, Thanks so much!! I have so much fun sharing interesting tid bits!! Bonne journée a vous. :-)